This sounds backwards, but I guarentee it was all rather thought out…

You disgust me,

your name brings bile to my throat

and stings my mind


Hate is an usubstantial reference for my loathing of your existance

you are a petulant child

whose existence is purposelessness beyond driving me bat insane


I laugh when you are hurting,

I crave you pain,

your failures.

I feed off of them,


I tell myself you will always fail,

that I will always do one better.


You live up to it.




For a very long time I had hoped you would change

that you would prove me wrong and I would be made to look the fool


but  your still a god damn whiny bitch,

who has nothing but a ditzy personality and a willingness to fuck going for her.


He’ll never love you like he loved me.

I love that, I love your pain that comes from that, and I love that he chose you over me,

you’re both screwed.


and me? I’m fucking epic.


~ by MandyJenae on September 16, 2011.

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