we’ve grown weary of our fray

as we add fuel to the fire

boyscouts with butane

we’ll fight until the flesh is roasted from our bones

and we’re skeletons dancing in the sky

we’ll burn as ashes under stars

and die together

a billion plummeting hearts

we’ll die together

the birds and I

we add fuel to the fire

boyscouts and butane

like candles left burning over night

we are too hot to be touched

yet with nothing left to give us flame

the bombs have stripped away our layers

our hair, our skin, our bones

left nothing but shadows burned into the ground

How is it that a cold war leaves so many bodies burning?

we are boyscouts with butane

our skies are so charred they chased the sun to run away and hide

we weep by fire light

our bonfire made of bones

we are tying our own hanging threads

and not dying at home in our beds

but littered across the ground

like Hershey wrappers after campfire s’mores

boyscouts a butane






~ by MandyJenae on September 16, 2011.

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