I let someone hold me back…something I swore I would never ever do. I settled for less than I am…so here is a reminder of who I am, for anyone who feels like reading but mostly just for me.

I am beautiful because I am strong.

I try to see the world through clear eyes, to understand others pain and the world that they know.

I will be there for any who ask, despite their actions towards me.

I will stand strong even when I am broken because giving up is the worst thing I can do.

I will accomplish every dream and every goal. Nothing goes according to plan but anything is possible and no one person or thing will hold me back. This is my ride you are welcome to come along but don’t try to tell me I am not good enough. I will prove you wrong

On a good day I can silence a room with just my voice

on a bad one, I can at least make the whole room smile

I can dance until my feet bleed and keep going until they are numb.

I live moment to moment. I will not sit idle while the world passes me by.

My life will be spent jumping from cliffs edge, over waterfalls and under the sky. I want to experience everything and never slow down. We only have so much time.

Leave no day wasted, leave no day unremembered and leave no heart untouched.


~ by MandyJenae on May 27, 2011.

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