Thoughts of mine own…

When someone says drunk words over the pillow,

there is always that part of you that hopes they will tell you it was the truth in the morning.

Realizing that you have higher standards than you’ve been aiming for,

makes you feel like you’ve wasted time, and gotten hurt for stupid reasons.

Having no idea whats going on or where you’re going in life,

is the scariest thing I can imagine.

Depending on someone else’s actions to determine your next move,

is a terrible place to be.

Going through something and not having that one person there to support you and talk about it with you,

or even help make decisions…is not a good place either.

Choosing someone who is indecisive,

is really bad when decisions need to be made.

People are never who you think they are.


~ by MandyJenae on February 26, 2011.

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