Vile Birds…

The vile birds
they’ve turned again
placed my mind upon a pike
they speak to me in devils tongues
and laugh through sharpened beaks

I tried to take control of them
to reign their fire in
I asked of them nothing
only to destroy,
destroy the butterfly
and set us free from her lies

A moving picture in my head
I saw her torn limb from limb
her precious delicate colors
shredded, leaving dust upon the ground

I should have guessed all along
she was a terror in disguise
I laughed as I saw her perfect arms
plucked from her sides
little did I know what they would hide

black wings unfolded
and I looked into stone
for I saw the coldest eyes

what have I done?
But turn the beast against me

what have I done?
But awaken the queen

no not the beautiful butterfly
my worst…most horrifying dream.


~ by MandyJenae on February 15, 2011.

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