Shattered glass upon a stone
Yet from a distance,
Still shining like before
No great adhesive can help this wound
For I fell in love
As he gained my trust
He thought I would understand
The reasons for what he did
But in truth I never will
And things will never change
A moral compass,
Stuck in reverse
Pointing the wrong direction
And throwing away all that I have
My love, my hope, my faith
& my forgotten broken heart
it will forever be my shame
to have held on so long to what I can not help
his mistakes
my choice to leave
and yet the blame still comes to me
I chose to fight this battle
My loss ends with a knife
through my soft broken heart
through always and eternity
through that which I said
Would always be his.


~ by MandyJenae on February 15, 2011.

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