Fire World…

The daunting shadow of the mountains
The swift current of the river
The freeness of the wind
And the battered body of a boy
Lost in a world of fire and temptation
He cries out but no one is listening
The mountains only echo in reply
His friends are none
Lost in anger and illusions
He fights for breath
The right to survive
He begs for every scrap of food
And every bit of life
He has nothing left
No family
No friends
No one to care
Just a lonely cat
Purring, brushing against his bandaged legs
His tear stained cheeks caked with mud
He stumbles, trips and falls
It seems there is no hope
No more life to cling to
He walks blindly on
Not knowing where he is to go
He only walks
Sunrise to sunset
The pain in his legs is no longer there
Just a dull throbbing with each and every forced step
He knows he must move
Always forward
Never looking back
On the wars and terrors that he has left
He walks
A flute resting in his hand
Waiting to play a song that does not lead to pain or misery
The flute waits
Birds no longer chirp in this world of fire
People no longer love
Happiness is cast away
Shunned for fear of more pain
The boy walks on
Never stopping
Never eating
The cat follows
The boy staggers, limping toward the unknown destination
And the setting of the sun
The night comes
But he walks
Someday the flute will play
The boy will find love he’s never seen
And the lonely cat will simply walk away


~ by MandyJenae on February 15, 2011.

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