Birds, Birds…

Sometimes I lose my mind
I let it slip a little
And then its gone
Off to the wide blue skies
To find some better grandeur
To f*** up the birds
Clip their wings
And make them run for their lives

I feel strongly for those who are too ignorant
To indulge in the basic pleasures
of sinking into the quickest of the quick sand
and letting their lungs fill with the earth

I’m pretty sure I’m speaking to you
in the last of the back row
You can shave your mullet now
It’s a piece of shit and it never looked good

Damn birds they are at it again
Picking apart my brain
With beaks to sharp for there own good
They’ll get what they deserve
Until then I guess I’ll sit here
My head barely above the sand

And let you follow shooting stars
Until they fade and die
So strong then growing dimmer
Like your soul shining in the mirror

I know who you are
but do you know?
Do you know what thoughts cross your mind in your sleep
What deathly dreams of lovers gone mad
And scars to deep to ever heal

My friend you may think that I have gone insane
But then what do you know?
Who are you to judge my sanity
You bigoted
Piece of shit
You arrogant son of a bitch
I know you
But do you know me?


~ by MandyJenae on February 15, 2011.

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